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Zero Waste Paint

View Larger PhotoOrganic Paint and The Environment. Organic linseed oil paint is made from cold pressed purified linseed oil, earth pigment, and is the only real environmentally safe paint on the market today.

  • There is never any paint to dispose of. Any left over paint can be mixed into one can and used as a base coat in your next project. You will never have to bring paint to any recycling center.
  • Linseed oil paint is not sensitive to freezing or very hot weather. You can apply the linseed oil paint or just the oil in direct sunlight.
  • Organic linseed oil actually gets better over time. In old time painter manuals you could find recommendations for the painters to store the cold pressed linseed oil for 2 years before it was made into paint. Linseed oil is basically like fine wine, it gets better over time.
  • Organic linseed oil paint covers twice the surface area compared to any acrylic/petrochemical paints you find in a paint store because it does not contain any form of solvent. It is 100% dry weight.

We receive many questions why you can not purchase organic linseed oil paint in a regular paint store. The answer is simple. Paint stores require a very high margin to handle their products. We market our organic linseed oil paint directly online to save you an amazing amount of money in more than one way:

  • Organic linseed oil paint will provide you with an exponential savings over time because it does not crack, peel, fade and it will never trap moisture that will cause the wood to rot.
  • Organic linseed oil paint is very easy to maintain by simply applying the organic boiled linseed oil onto the dry and aged surface every 5-10 years. Just like applying lotion on your dry skin. If the organic linseed oil paint is left untouched for 20-25 years you will see the pigment starting to fall off. By brushing the loose pigment off you can simply apply a new coat of the organic linseed oil paint and you are ready to go another generation or two.

You can understand why the chemical industry, doesn't want organic linseed oil paint available in stores because it challenges the petroleum paint products... but why should a home owner accept paint that will fail within 5 or even 10 years and too often much shorter? The only paint that really works is organic linseed oil paint. Organic linseed oil paint has been used for hundreds of years without any negative environmental impact. Now is the time to go GREEN.

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