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Genuine Pine Tar

About Pine Tar | Material Specifications

This is "The Real Stuff" 100% Natural: Authentic Pine Tar also referred as Stockholm Tar is a pure, natural wood preservative made in Sweden from natural pine resin. Pine Tar has been used since ancient times for creating a water repellent vapor barrier on wood and rope and for its gentle antiseptic effect. Pine Tar is used for wood preservation on utility and fence poles, cottages, splint roofs, boats et cetera. Pine Tar is a more effective wood preservative and a safer substitute for pressure treated wood. Works well even for preserving wood used underground. Use this recipe to thin Pine Tar with Purified Linseed Oil to obtain faster penetration and avoid stickiness. Apply warm if possible. Note: do not apply on skin.

View Larger ImagePine Tar "Light"
Made in SWEDEN. Contains: 100% pine tar. Applications: wooden decks, shingles, wood siding. Preserves wood naturally.

3 L
# 6110-3L  Price: $44.00

NEW! 10 L
# 6110-10L  Price: $135.00

View Larger ImagePine Tar "Dark"
Made in SWEDEN. Contains: 100% pine tar. Applications: wooden roof shingles, posts below ground, boat hulls. Preserves wood naturally.

3 L
# 6010-3L  Price: $44.00

NEW! 10 L
# 6010-10L  Price: $135.00

View Larger Image250 L (55 Gal) Drum / 440 lb "Dark" Pine Tar 20% SAVINGS. (Low truck freight available.)
# 60100743
Price $1955.00

Pine Tar Stain

PINE TAR STAIN, with earth pigments, is a very old Swedish tradition for surface treatment of wooden buildings, outdoor wooden structures, and wooden boats. Pine Tar Stain provides fantastic protection for wood in damp or humid climates as well as in dry and sunny areas. Mix 50% with Purified Raw Linseed Oil.

Mixture coverage: 10 square metres / litre depending on surface quality.

View Larger ImageRed Pine Tar Stain

3 L
# 6300  Price: $74.00

View Larger Image NEW!
Yellow Pine Tar Stain
3 L

# 6052  Price: $74.00


View Larger Image

Brown Pine Tar Stain
3 L

# 6053  Price: $74.00


View Larger Image

Black Pine Tar Stain
3 L

# 6200  Price: $74.00

is enhanced with iron oxide / carbon pigments for durability to withstand strong UV exposure. Pine Tar Stain has very good penetration on rough cut timber and allows wood to breathe. Thinning with purified raw linseed oil gives faster penetration, less stickiness and a matte surface. Apply as warm as possible for a faster dry time. Like pine tar, purified linseed oil is a live material and will interact with the wood surface. When the surface looks dry, apply a thin warm coat of the purified raw linseed oil.

Pine Tar Stain is a totally natural product extracted from pine roots by burning. Color may differ in appearance from various batches. Mix the estimated amount for the entire area to be covered. For best results, perform application in hot weather.

IMPORTANT: The pigment will sink to the bottom of the container in storage, therefore it is important to stir the contents thoroughly to achieve uniform color on the surface. Stir during application as well. Finish the entire surface of a wall in order to avoid uneven shades of color.


COLOUR: Deep red / Pitch black
COVERAGE: Varies greatly depending wood quality. 60sqft - 300sqft / 3 Litres.
DRYING TIME: Dry after application is absorbed into the wood surface, after which the surface feels dry.
THINNING: We recommend Purified Raw Linseed Oil only. If you must use conventional linseed oil from the hardware store, then also add pure gum turpentine or citrus solvent, as these linseed oils are not purified.
CLEANING: Linseed Oil Soap and water
VOC LIMIT: (cat 1.1 / f) 700 g / lit. These are natural VOCs from wood terpenes. There are NO chemical VOCs. CONTENT MAX: 300Gr/lit.VOC

Mixing Suggestion: Mixing 50% of the Purified Raw Linseed Oil into the Pigmented Pine Tar Stain will slightly dilute the color but create a fantastic wood protection in all types of climates. Once the color is achieved, maintain the surface by applying a thin coat of the Purified Raw Linseed Oil every 3-5 years. Maintenance depends of the quality of the wood and exposure to harsh elements.

An Ancient Pine Tar Recipe: Thinning with Purified Raw Linseed Oil is recommended to obtain faster penetration and reduce stickiness. Apply warm if possible.

  1. Combine equal parts of Genuine Pine Tar and Purified Raw Linseed Oil.
  2. Heat to 25°C (80°F) and mix thoroughly.
  3. Apply warm if possible.

Purified Linseed Oil: Raw, 100% cleaned and sterilized linseed oil from Allback, Sweden.

1 Litre: #50017 Price: $16.95    

5 Litre: #50347 Price: $79.75



Material Specifications for Pine Tar

Genuine Pine TarOur Pine Tar is characterized as a pine tar of high quality and contains all ingredients of rosin and fatty acids and their conversion products such as rosin oil, oxidized esters, high-boiling terpenes and fatty alcohols, et cetera.

Density at 20 degrees Celsius: 1,030 kg per cubic meter
Viscosity at 20 degrees Celsius: 650 cP
Water: 0.5 %
Volatile acids/(acetic acid): 0.2%
Acid number: 50
Flash point: 248 F
Color: dark brown

More About Genuine Pine Tar

Pine tar is a vegetable liquid obtained from the wood of various trees of the family Pinaceac by distillation. Using a process that is centuries old, pine stumps and roots are burned very slowly in special kilns. This pine tar is a resin rich liquid that is extracted from the bottom of the kiln. This is authentic Stockholm tar. Genuine Pine Tar has been valued for hundreds of years as a preservative for wood and natural fiber rope. It is the smell of the square-rigged ship. Traditional sailors describe this rare grade of tar in words usually reserved for fine wines and tobaccos.

Genuine Pine Tar

The product is still used to a great extent for wooden constructions such as shingles, bridges, boats, barges and cottages. The Swedish Cultural Management recommends pine tar as surface treatment of wooden church roofs and other cultural buildings made of wood. There are examples of stave churches that have been preserved with pine tar for nearly a thousand years with very few intervals of maintenance. It is also used for veterinary purposes, in hoof moisture retention of horses, cattle and sheep and for pharmaceutical purposes as treatment of different kinds of skin diseases. Pine tar can be found as an ingredient in shampoos, soaps, and expectorants and in ointments against allergic rash, psoriasis and eczema, among others. Another different field of application of pine tar is as a softener when manufacturing rubber tires.

Case Study: Maintain wooden roof shingles with pine tar.

Marine Applications

Pine tar was the choice for boat builders for hundreds of years. We now offer the old type pine tar again. Pine tar with the organic linseed oil mixture makes for excellent wood protection on boats as well as on wood shingle roofs. The photo in the picture here was taken at the Mystic Seaport Wooden Boat show in 2008.

Genuine Pine Tar


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