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Wooden Canvas Rowboat This rowboat is has been completely restored with linseed oil paint.



The Hope Well Furnace National Parks in PA Pump completely and restored with organic linseed oil paint and organic boiled linseed oi l and linseed oil soap.


Heating Rubber Roofing in Cold Weather Using the Silent Paint Remover to heat up the "GRACE" rubber roof to get it to adhere in the cold weather.



Classic Varnish Solves Boater's Problem Any owner of a good old boat will, at some time or another, be confronted with the sight of brightwork that no longer lives up to its name. Read full article.



Holding Back the Years A tradition is being revived on the Holkham Estate in Norfolk and the results are not only saving money but generating it too. Read full article.


Bauton Road Project Removing severe mildew with the organic purified linseed soap from cedar siding.


Krageholm Castle in Ystad, Sweden This castle just north of the small town of Ystad, Sweden has been used as a training facility for the Allback window restoration school.



Klinte House at Ystad Harbor, Sweden This apartment restoration project was completed


Organic Rustproofing for Cars & Trucks Organic linseed oil was used in the 1920's as undercoat for cars to prevent rust. This can be done again.



Norweigan Church This Norweigan church was repainted with Allback paint.



Palsson House - Sweden On this old project, it's time for maintenance
after 20 years.


Porches & Decks Deck painted with Organic Allback Linseed oil Paint and more...



Carlotte Berling Museum - Ystad Sweden Brick red Linseed oil painted window after 20


Window Restoration Window Sill Paint Removing and Raw Linseed Oil



Free Mason Mansion in Oslo, Norway Free Mason Dining Hall, project completed September 2006.



62, New Holkham Cottage, Holkham Estate Treating 100 year old oak bargeboards with Raw Linseed Oil.



The Fig and Peach Houses, Holkham Kitchen Gardens The majority of the woodwork has been preserved because of the quality of the 19th Century Scandinavian pine and linseed oil and paint used on it more than seventy years ago.



The Victoria Hotel at Holkham The front door and one of the windows of the Victoria Hotel at Holkham


New Properties Constructed in Norfolk Finished cat slide windows, painted with "Sea Mist" and "Barley White" Linseed Paint.



A Private House in Norfolk Private house in Norfolk where the owner wanted to match an existing Gray Blue lead based linseed oil paint.


Boat cockpit maintenance with organic linseed oil All products are 100% Organic and made from organic flax seeds.


This small sailboat is completely covered with linseed oil. It's applied in many layers to create a very solid varnish like durable surface.


Varnishing A Wooden Boat with Organic Linseed Oil Marine Varnish To avoid the massive labor of varnishing every year and having to repair rot on your wooden boat you can use organic linseed oil and organic linseed oil varnish.


For Wooden Roof Shingles Use Pine Tar & Organic
Linseed Oil
Wood shingles on a roof should last for hundreds of years but this photo shows what can happen within just 8 years.


Concrete & Stone Paint Utilizing the organic linseed oil paint will create a very durable and long lasting surface on any exterior and interior concrete or stone surface.


Epoxy Repair or A Dutchman Repair? Using wood to replace rotten wood is clearly the best choice. Epoxy repair products may appear to be fast and easy but such a repair has a very short life.


Painted Wooden Floor A linseed oil painted floor inspired from a pattern of a stone walkway.


Painting Metal Roofing Organic linseed oil paint works very well on any metal roofing material.



Worst Case Scenarios (You will not see this with Linseed Paint)



The Largest Wooden Runabout Can you imagine maintaining this boat with the epifane, siikens or any other petroleum based varnish?


Deck of a Pen-Yan runabout powerboat. A typical example of a failed petroleum varnish.

Benjamin Moore White Stain How did this Benjamin Moore white stain do after
5 years. NOT very well.

Varnish Turned Bad The Sikkens varnish product traps water behind the layers and crumbles up after just a few years.

Do You Have Problems with Your Porch Posts? Modern paints will trap the moisture in the wood and rot the wood from the inside out.

Problems are caused by petrochemical acrylic paint and varnish. The structure was completely restored in the early 2000. Today the wood siding show clear signs of rot.

Acrylic Paint Failure. Acrylic paint failure within just a few months.

Vinyl Siding on Fire. This is a very dangerous situation.

Vinyl Siding After 20 Years. Vinyl siding has basically destroyed this house after 20-30 years.

This is what will happen after just a few years. It is sold as a wood siding replacement that does not fail.

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