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  The Silent Paint Remover™
  Falun Red Paint from Sweden

Learn more about Linseed Paint Organic Linseed Paint from Sweden. This paint has a time tested, 1000 year old history and lasts for decades on the exterior of a building. Maintain every 10-15 years with the purified organic boiled linseed oil or the linseed oil wax, and this paint will last even longer. Will never cause wood to rot. Use linseed oil soap for clean up. color mixing chart The future in paint is found in the past! Order online. Full product line now available in Canada: Allback Brochure | Color Chart | Allback Color Mixing Chart color mixing chart

Interior/Exterior Primer: For painting on porous surfaces like drywall or plaster. Perfect as a basement wall sealer.

Linseed Oil PuttyLinseed Oil Putty
Apply linseed paint onto the window glazing immediately - a real time-saver!
Linseed SoapLinseed Soap
For cleaning paint brushes, floors, furniture, hands and general household cleaning. Omega 3 and Organic.
Organic Linseed OilPurified Organic Linseed Oil
World's best wood preservative. All Organic too!
Natural Bristle BrushesNatural Bristle Brushes
Swedish, hand made, top-of-the-line, natural paint brushes. Buy this brush to keep for a lifetime. Hang this brush in a pail with the Allback purified raw linseed oil and store it there indefinitely.
Linseed VarnishLinseed Varnish
Never cracks or peels. Out-lasts any chemically made varnish by 5 times.
Genuine Pine Tar
Pine Tar100% natural wood preservative made from pine roots.
Interior Flat PaintInterior Flat Paint
Chemical-free, washable and durable, fire-safe paint with a soft-natural, finish. A cellulose-enriched paint.
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