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Falun Red Paint from Sweden

History of Falun Red Paint | Pigment | Painting Advice

For Exterior Wooden Surfaces: Classic exterior paint used for centuries in Scandinavia for $50.00/gallon. Never scrape this paint - and it never peels. It lasts for decades

Falun Red Paint is for new wood or wood that has all paint removed with the Silent Paint Remover. Surface should be clean and dry for optimum penetration.

On previously painted surfaces: use the Allback linseed oil exterior paint. Brick Red color (# 50014) is quite close to the falun red paint but will have a semi gloss surface. *Always use the Purified Organic Boiled Linseed Oil to avoid any mildew issues in the future. Standard boiled linseed oil from a paint store is not cleaned and can cause mildew.

Please Note: The Falun Red dry powder is no longer being produced by Falu Rödfärg in Sweden. Falun Red paint is now only made and offered in premixed liquid form.

Please see Red Pine Tar as a very good alternative to Falun Red Paint. When mixed 50/50 with Purified Raw Linseed Oil, you get the same classic, matte, red oxide finish with the added preservation benefit of concentrated pine resin and the added nourishing benefit of raw linseed oil.

Classic Falun Red Paint
Premixed - 1 gal
Price: $50.00

Coverage: approx. 120 sqft/gal

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History of Falun Red Paint


The first evidence of the use of Falun Red Paint leads as far back as the 1500s. Timber houses painted red were symbols of wealth and status. The red brick buildings found on the continent served as models for this style. City governments ordered street facades to be painted red before royal visits.


The red-paint techniques spread from the cities and throughout the countryside, and manor estates were built using the cross-beamed method and painted red. From the manor estates, the fashion spread to wealthy master-miner estates, farms and clergy residences. At the same time, it became more common that buildings in cities were paneled and painted with light-colored oil-based paints.


Farmers painted their dwelling houses and sheds. Towards the end of the 1800s Falun Red Paint had reached the common citizen. National romanticism swept the country and Carl Larsson's Sundborn estate contributed to the dream of the little red cottage.


The homestead movement and the homeowner movement of the 1930s contributed to an upswing in red paint usage. The postwar era saw the introduction of acrylic and modern oil paints. In recent years, however, an increasing number of young architects have used Falun Red Paint in modern architecture. At the same time, the general interest in building preservation has increased, and thereby even the interest in Sweden's national color and its time-tested characteristics.


Pigment Genuine Falun Red Paint contains pigment from the mineralization of the Falun copper mine in Sweden. Red mull is created from ore with a low copper content that has decomposed for a long time. In addition to copper, red mull contains a rare composition of iron ochre, silicon dioxide and zinc, which together have a protective effect on timber. The mull is washed, sifted and roasted, after which it is ground to a fine pigment and boiled into paint. This results in paint with a beautiful, matte finish and a translucent surface with course silicon dioxide crystals that reflect rays of light. In warm evening light, the red color becomes intense and almost glows.

Painting Advice

Weather conditions for painting: Do not apply to surfaces exposed to strong sunlight or to wet surfaces (the moisture content of the wood should be less than 15% - ask your timber supplier or use a moisture meter). Avoid painting if the air temperature is less than 5°C or if there is any risk for night frost.

Drying time: Falun Red Paint dries in about one hour. However, keep masking sheets on windows and foundations for a few days as a protective measure. Heavy rains may cause the paint to run and stain the foundation. Paint may not adhere to nail heads and timber knots after one coat, so a second coat on these areas is necessary.


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